29 March 2014

Cherry Bomb with Bow and Crossbones

Hi all!

Here I am again, with a brand new review, and some brand new photos! 

The moment when an email from Bow and Crossbones popped into my inbox, I can't even begin to explain how I felt. I always feel so special when things like this happen to me, because I really don't feel like I'm "someone" and it's always such an honour when companies I really love wants to work with me. 

Bow and Crossbones is an online shop, which sells everything from homeware to dresses, accessories to gifts. I'm pretty sure anyone can find something they like! They ship worldwide, and even do custom orders. Perfect! 

The lovely lady Cam behind Bow and Crossbones asked me what I liked from her website, and I wrote down some of my favorites. I nearly fainted when the parcel arrived and I saw what I got... 

She made me a cherry inspired package, with four items; A beautiful cherry cardigan from Collectif, a set of cherry earrings, a brooch and a swallow ring. I love it all!! 

Let's start with that beauty of a cardigan. It's from Collectif, one of my favorite shops ever, and it's so soft and comfy! I was a bit afraid it was too small, but it's stretchy and works well with any body shape. You can find the cardi right here, for the price of £28 ON SALE! (It was £35, go go go!). 

Cherry overload?

And one for fun...

I love things with prints on the back as well, so this cardi is definitely one of my new favorites! 

The ring is also pretty cool! It gets stuck though in my hair all the time, but hey, you can't get everything you want in this world, can you? ;) It's super cute and very rockabilly friendly! Love it! You can find it right here, for the neat price of £3.50.

Hello there awkward hand..

Goes well with red nails too!

The earrings are also suuuuper cute! Despite having stretched ears, you can still wear pretty earrings. For £6.99 they're yours, right here

Dingeling, cherry earring. 

I've never worn a brooch in my entire life, I've never even owned one. Now I do. It's cute, and I'm pretty sure it will look very cute worn with a dress or something more fancy than what I'm wearing. I'm not the brooch kinda gal, but hey! Here it is in perfect harmony with my tattoos. 

You'll find it here, and it's £12. 

I am overwhelmed by the amazing things I got sent, and I am very happy with how patient Cam was with me. Sometimes I'm slow with answering emails etc, and she's been beyond patient and helpful with everything. Thank you SO much!! 

Go follow Bow and Crossbones on Twitter, like them on Facebook and of course check out their amazing website!  Also, check out their Instagram :)

Peace out. Just kidding. 

As always
Miss K .


  1. I am in love with those earrings..and well everything! Just stumbled across your blog today and I will now be keeping up with your posts!

    PS You are adorable :)

  2. I love your style and your red air. Hugs from Spain.

  3. That's a cute cardigan and I agree I love your red hair!

    Happy Blogging!



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