3 November 2013

My trip to Cyprus

Hi all!

Woha, it's sad being back in rainy and cold Norway. I spent a week in sunny Cyprus, and here's my little blog post on what I got up to!

Ever since I was a small child, about 7 years old, we've been travelling to Cyprus on a regular basis. We have many friends there, and I look at many of them as my family since I've seen them almost every year when I grew up. However, when I started uni I could no longer travel each year and it's been 8 years since my last visit. 8 years!! 

I went this year with my Grandmother, for one week. We had such a great time, and it was good getting to spend some time with her as well. She lives in Denmark, so I see her maybe once or twice a year. Our favorite place in Cyprus is Ayia Napa, and that's where we went!

When we landed in Larnaca the heat took us by surprise (as always), but we were quick to change into more apppropriate Summer clothes before we headed towards our hotel. We stayed in a small hotel with apartments, and we got the best view. From the picture you can see that we could see the ocean, and we got the morning sun that lasted through the afternoon. Couldn't asked for a better place. We've never stayed at the fancy hotels. What's the point when you're spending most of your day out and about anyway?

Hotel Marion's very own cat.. I was in heaven. 

Fresh figs from our friend to be enjoyed on a sunny morning.

The first day I headed to the local supermarket to get some breakfast. We've known the man who owns the shop for many years, and he was surprised to see me grown up and back in Cyprus. As ALWAYS, he supplied me with free orange juice and ice tea, and I was pretty happy about that. Cypriot orange juice is the best orange juice in the world! I also got a KitKat which I was also pretty pleased with. 

We spent every day at the beach. "Our" beach is called Maistrali, and it's such a nice little beach. The water is crystal clear and it's always super clean and neat. It's owned by another friend of us, and he also owns the Maistrali beach restaurant where they make the best iced coffee I've ever had. Here's a snap from the restaurant, showing the massive iced coffee in front of the beach. 

In Cyprus there's a lot of stray cats, and they're a problem. We found a cat mama with five kittens, and we walked past them every night. One morning the mama was on her own looking very stressed out, and behind the gates I could see at least one of the cat babies just lying there. I tried to call for it and no reaction, and according to its position it looked very dead. Me and my Grandma was very upset by this and we assumed that someone had poisoned the kittens. We were sad all day and couldn't get the kittens out of our heads, so we decided to go back in the evening to check on them. No kittens to be found... 

The next evening we were picked up by some friends at our hotel, so we couldn't check up on the cats. When our friends dropped us off in the evening, we decided to head out for a drink and that way we could also walk past the kittens.. and what did we find??

All five kittens sleeping next to cat mama!! Our evening was saved, and we went for a drink to celebrate. 

We went down to a restaurant called Sage restaurant and wine bar to meet our best friend and my Cypriot uncle (as I call him) Kyriacos. He was over the moon to see us, and we were so happy to see him again too. I first met him when I was 7 years old, and imagine, 17 years later we're still in contact and friends. I love him. We had our photo taken, and it's fun to see how we have changed since the very first time we met. I couldn't speak a word of English, and now we could communicate like there was no tomorrow. We've always had a special bond, and it's always so great to see him. 

We went down to his restaurant every evening. The restaurant and food is amazing, and so is the customer service. Kyriacos couldn't get time off work the week we were there, so this was the only way we could hang out. He sat down with us with a drink at the end of his shift, and then he dropped us off at our hotel at the end of his shift. 

Friends for 17 years :)

All in all, we had a great week. It was so good to relax and think of nothing. No work, no uni, no nothing. Just beach, friends and iced coffees... perfect. Here's a couple more pics from our trip:

Tanned legs - no longer looking like a dead body...

Grandma enjoying our upgrade at Sage! The best part about knowing people is that you get to hang out in the lounge with fancy drinks!

Now for something completely different! 

Kyriacos also sells homes in Cyprus, but he needs help getting the word out there. Me and him sat down one night over a drink and made a plan.... 

I have readers from all over the world, and I strongly believe that there is always someone who knows someone who knows someone..... so I told him I'd advertise on my blog. Here's the deal: 

If you know someone who might either a) be interested or b) know someone who knows someone who might be interested in relocating/buying a second home in Cyprus, here's the page for you. This is only a taster, since the page isn't 100% completed yet. I will get back to this when the page is all finished. Kyriacos' business is called GreenAcres, and you'll find the page right here

I've put a picture link in my sidebar as well, and here's the cool part for you guys. If you decide that, fair enough, I might be able to help out and put the picture link on your page as well... you can be in for a treat. IF Kyriacos gets a sale from a person who clicked YOUR link and refers to you, you get €1000. The same goes for me of course, but we wanted to include you guys as well if you think that this might be something for you. 

It's easy: Make a picture link linking to GreenAcres - if someone goes through your blog and buys a home, you get a cash prize. 

Before anyone goes all bananas on me, I know this isn't something I'd normally do, BUT. I've know him for ages, I completely trust him and I believe in helping out people as long as I can. I gave him my word, he gave me his, and this is what we came up with. It might not work at all, but you never know unless you try. 

With that, I'm gonna wrap up for this time!

As always
Miss K 

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