11 October 2013

Getting your sneaky drink on

Hello boys and girls! 

Today I am doing a review for an American company called Retro-a-Go-Go! They have an online store and sell everything from tees to necklaces, from belt buckles to sun parasols. Pretty much everything a rockabilly/pinup girl needs! 

Retro-a-Go-Go! got in contact with me a couple of weeks ago, but because of me being very busy and some shipping issues I haven't been able to do the review until today. When I first opened the parcel, I noticed a few cool things immediately. First of all, a small note saying who prepared my order! I think that's really cool, and it makes it feel a bit special when you see the name of the girl or boy who actually took the time to make your order look pretty. I also got a flyer with a discount code which is always a huge plus, but the cutest part was a handwritten card from Retro-a-Go-Go, all pretty in an envelope saying "Miss K - Nadia". I love how my blog name and my real name was included! A huge plus :) 

I got three items. The first one I wished for, since it's absolutely awesome. The two other items were a surprise, and one of them will be included in an upcoming giveaway.... 

Get your sneaky drink on with this super awesome Japanese/rockabilly/kawaii flask! Ahh, it's so cool. For some reason I've developed an obsession with everything Japanese lately. I've never been interested in that before, but hey, people can change. When I saw this flask I knew I loved it. It's quite heavy and it seems like it's pretty well made. I never use flasks like this, but I will have to make myself use one now!

Next item was this cute belt buckle. It's a devil cupcake with a pink bow. I mean, it couldn't get much cuter now could it. Just like the flask, it's heavy and good quality. 

The last item was this compact mirror. What really struck me about this was the quality. I've had plenty of compact mirrors throughout the years, and they're always wonky and doesn't really stay together for very long. This one could survive a nuclear war, I'm sure. So sturdy and well put together. It's also pink with a pinup girl on it, saying "Haters can suck it", which is very true as well. 

I'm really happy with the things I got, and they all have in common that they're super good quality. I also want to say a big thank you to Retro-A-Go-Go! for helping me out with a refund when the post office made me pay a shitload of money to get my parcel, and also for being patient. It was great working with you, and I hope that we'll be able to work together again some time. 

Go check out Retro-A-Go-Go!'s website and give them a like on Facebook, there's so many awesome things there! 

As always
Miss K. 


  1. Oh wow! I love all of these things, especially the mirror! Thanks for sharing :)

    Charlotte - blotandreapply.com x

  2. Wow, those things look so cute! I love the mirror!

  3. I love retro-a-go-go! They have some really awesome stuff. I dig that flask, I almost bought a similar one but stopped myself because I didn't think I would really use it. But I hope you have fun with yours!

    Hellcat Vintage

  4. I really like the mirror. the hip flask was pretty cool too!


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