4 October 2013

Don't let it get to you

Hello all! 

You know when you feel completely overwhelmed, you have 120 million things to do and little time? Yeah, we've all been there. As a student/teacher/person I have plenty of things to do, but I've reached the top lately. It's been getting to me (especially affected my food choices) and I don't like it. Therefore I'm determined to fight it, and I'm going to share my best tips on getting on top of things again. 

So... why am I feeling overwhelmed at the moment? 

It's 14 days left until I leave for Cyprus. In those 12 days I have numerous things to do:

- Work: I work as a substitute teacher at a local primary school. I can get a call at any time. 

- Uni work: I study Norwegian as a second language, and I have two assignments to hand in.
- Car service: Our two cars are going to the car hospital for a check up. No big deal really, but if you live IN a hill everything is a big deal without a car.
- Field research: I have two days of field research to squeeze in + one or two possible interviews.
-Student groups: I have 6 foreign students I "teach". We meet and they practice their Norwegian.
- Product reviews: I always try my very best to get reviews up on the blog as soon as I receive items from companies.
- Gym: I still work out a lot to get rid of access fat and to become a better and healthier version of myself. 

Right, 12 days. Actually less, since most of it has to be squeezed into next week (because of deadlines etc). I'm guessing that many of you have kids/full-time jobs etc, but I also believe that you might learn a tip or two.

Tip no 1

I call it "my life". I keep track of everything in this diary.

Get a diary. Write everything down for each day. Write down all deadlines, appointments etc. This way you won't forget anything and remember just a bit too late... 

Tip no 2

Make it visible at all times. Take a A4 sheet, write down the days of the week and write down your plan for the week. This can include everything from deadlines to going to the gym. Put it on the wall close to your workspace. For each thing you finish, cross it off your list. Seeing how things disappear from your list is great motivation. 

An example of a "to do sheet". If you understand Norwegian you'll see exactly what I'm doing next week. 

Tip no 3

Get up in the morning if you have days off. You'll get more time to finish your tasks. If you work out, go to the gym in the morning. Then you'll have the rest of the day to focus on getting that overwhelming feeling under control!

Tip no 4

Take one day at a time. Dont' worry about Wednesday on Monday! 

Tip no 5 (optional)

Be ahead of yourself! If you finish all your Monday "chores" early, you can make Tuesday easier by keep working on Monday. If not, be happy with today's effort and leave it with that. 

Tip no 6 

Drink tea. Speaks for itself. 

This is how I'm facing the upcoming week. I will get through it, I know that, but it's just so much easier if I'm organised and know exactly what I'm doing each day. I also know that this might not be "much" according to other people, but for me this particular week it is. I have plans to wrap up the next days with a good conscience and go to Cyprus with no assignments or other unfinished business in the back of my head. It will be a week of pure relaxation.... because I deserve it!

How do you face busy times? 

As always
Miss K. 

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  1. These are good tips, I actually use some of them already (like a daily planner and posted weekly to-do list). I hope you get all of your things checked off your list. Good luck!

    Hellcat Vintage


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