24 December 2011

My Christmas present to you all

Merry Christmas! Nollaig shona daiobh! God jul! 

Here's my latest YouTube-video, I hope you all enjoy it. Make sure you watch till the end, since I had a kinda freaky moment here while filming!


In Norway we celebrate Christmas today, so I'm now off to put in my curlers, and then pop into my dress and head off to my Dad's house with my boyfriend. Dad's cooking a nice (huge) dinner, and then we'll open presents! Ohh I cannot wait! I will of course take pictures :)

And oh! Don't forget the GIVEAWAY! Still plenty of time to go so come join the fun! 

All the best
Miss K


  1. Første til å kommentere!!!

    GOD JUL!!! :D <3

    Har du blitt pent julekort nadia! :D

  2. Merry christmas you too!

    Beautiful photo !

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. God jul :D Kos deg masse med familie, venner, god mat og julestemninga generelt!

  5. Majirel and Majikontrast are fantastic! found I got barely any fading with them :) would love to go back to red again but my poor hair, it dies :(

    Just my little version of an xmas card for you...

    Ha en riktig god jul og et Godt Nyttår!


  6. Har sjekka videoen din herfra det Helenske hus.Fortsatt god jul til dere der oppe! Hilsen muhr, mormor, Helen og Peeeeeeer!

  7. Merry x-mas! Hope du had a nice weekend? :)


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