12 November 2011

Photoshoot for Dolly Cool and Christmas cards

I've been feeling creative lately!

A few days ago I received a packet from Dolly Cool with some necklaces I'm gonna model for. I've been so excited about this, and I decided that today was photoshoot day. I've learnt from previous photoshoots with myself that my make-up doesn't always show nicely in the photos, so today I caked on make-up to make sure it looked good in the final pictures! I mean, they're going to be up on Dolly Cool's website, and they need to be perfect!

I thought I used a lot of make-up, but after the ridiculous amount of concealer and foundation I've had on today... I'm not really using that much! I felt like a Barbie doll with super flawless skin, and I would never leave the house with a layer of make-up like I had today! Haha, but hey! It's for the photo's sake, it's allowed... I like to pretend so anyways... :)

I won't be posting any photos here yet, but I'll let you know when they're up on Dolly Cool's website.

What I can post a photo of on the other hand, is the Christmas cards I made yesterday! I felt super creative and went shopping for some art supplies. It's so expensive it's not even funny, but I really enjoying making things and especially Christmas things! I made 9 cards like this yesterday, and some of them are going abroad! I tweeted that those who wanted a Norwegian Christmas cards should PM me their address (I didn't think anyone would bother) but I got so many PMs!! I made cards for almost 6 hrs yesterday and I think I have to close down my business... I ran out of ribbons and I glued my ruler to the table. Yeah well. I had great fun making them, and I'm gonna make sure it's gonna be a pin up Christmas for everyone this year!

What do you think? I'm quite proud!

Miss K


  1. Ooh love the cards! Can't wait to see your photos!!! *excited* :D :D :D

  2. I'm excited to see your pics! Love the cards!

  3. Så pene de var!! Du er så kreativ! :P


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