27 November 2011

My lovely weekend

First of all, hello new followers!
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Here's a few names/places I will mention in this post, and I've made a mini Norwegian-English dictionary to begin with!

Volda - Where I live. Tiny place with the most stunning surroundings ever.
Ørsta - A small "town"(10 min from Volda) with a bus stop and a "mall", if you can call it a mall. It's tiny, takes about 5 min to roam the stores and then you're done. Nothing really to do in Ørsta.
Moa - A huge shopping mall, actually three large buildings! It's 1,5hrs by bus from Volda.
Ålesund - The largest city in the area I live in, 2hrs by bus from Volda.
Pinnekjøtt - Not a city! It's a traditional dish made of lamb or mutton. Looks like this.

Okay, we're good to go! This Saturday (26th) was me and my boyfriend's first anniversary. He's been telling me for ages now that we were going to Ørsta to go shopping, and then eat pizza in Volda before we head home again. I've been hoping that we maaaayyybeee were going to Moa, but he's been going on about shopping in Ørsta for weeks now, so that's what I imagined we were doing on our special day. Of couse, I'd be happy with a trip to Ørsta, but I was kinda hoping for Moa. Anyway, I decided to believe him and when we got on the bus I thought we were hopping off in Ørsta.

We arrived in Ørsta, and I said "We're here!". Boyfriend went "No, I don't think so..." and we didn't get off the bus... okay.. maybe we're going to Moa after all!! We drove for an hour or so, and got to the ferry (yeah we actually need to go on a ferry to get to the mainland) and I was getting very curious. Moa is only about 15 min away from the ferry port on the mainland, and I asked if we were going there or not. Then he admitted yes, we're going to Moa.

YAY! Shopping centre HEAVEN! We went in and I got some new underwear, a leopard print cardi, nylon stockings, make up... and even two super cute garter belts. Been wanting one for ages, and finally I found one in my size and it looked pretty nice on as well ;) (I will be doing another blog post on my buys when I've gotten some decent photos taken). When I was about to pay for some stuff in the first store, boyfriend gave me HIS card. Eeeek! I was stunned.

We got some lunch and I had my first Christmas soda! I don't think you guys will know what that is.. it's a red soda which tastes like awesomeness and it's only in stores during Christmas. It was yummy! After lunch, we did some more shopping and then boyfriend suggested we should go back to the bus. We went for the bus, and I saw that it was the Ålesund bus. Wow, we're going to Ålesund as well!!
A few pics of Ålesund. The city burnt down in 1904, and was rebuild in total art noveau style. So many lovely buildings, and the architecture is stunning.

After about 15 minutes we were in Ålesund, and he told me that we had to walk over to where he works, since he'd left his phone charger at work. We headed towards his work and suddenly he turned and walked into a hotel. Seriously?? He had booked us into this super nice hotel for the night. We checked in and when we got to the room I was so happy that I started crying! I couldn't believe it. After a little while chilling in the room (and me emptying my shopping bags out on the bed to look at my new stuff.. I always do this) we headed out again. Now for the ultimate joke of the evening...

We went to an Irish pub (Irish and Irish.. dunno about that) and ordered a beer for himself and a drink for me. No need to write what I had.. (of course rum and Coca Cola!!). Boyfriend said we should go to the pub for a rest before we headed to the place we were going to eat, since my ankle was starting to act up on me and I was in pain. After our drinks, he warned me that we had to walk for about 20 minutes and hopefully my ankle would handle it. It was pouring down outside, and I thought "great.. my hair..". We rushed out and across the street, and when I was about to stop to pull my scarf over my head he opened the door to the most fancy shit restaurant ever. STRAIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! 20 minutes walk, as if!!

The red arrow shows the extremely long way from pub to restaurant....

The restaurant was amazing and we ordered pinnekjøtt. It was awesome and we left an hour later with full bellies and a good mood. We bought some snacks and went back to the hotel to relax and watch TV. It was seriously the best day of my life, and the best first anniversary ever! I've been fooled for such a long time about shopping in Ørsta and pizza, and look what he did for me. I am truly grateful for having him in my life.. best boyfriend ever.

Tomas, I love you more than I love chocolate!

We're now back in Winter wonderland Volda! It's been snowing all day, and it's still falling down. I'm in totally Christmas mood and I'm listening to Brian Setzer's Christmas songs :)

The little road leading to our street, filled with snow :)

I hope you've had a great weekend too!!

Miss K.


  1. Awwwwwww this was so lovely! Look at him
    Putting in all that super secret effort. Just lovely, I love your pics !

    Have a great rest of weekend

  2. Hurra hurra!!

    Det hørtes veldig koselige ut! :P Og bedre enn Ørsta! ;) hihi.

  3. N'aww, this was such an adorable idea! What a sweetie :] ♥

    Saraah ^.^

  4. Din heldiggris! <3<3<3

  5. Å, så fantastisk kjæreste du har! Høres ut som at du har hatt en super helg! Men de menygreiene øverst er helt grønne uten tekst hos meg. Er det meninga?

  6. What a wonderful surprise. The pictures look amazing

  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love Brian Setzer :) It looks like you had a great time :) What a thoughtful boyfriend! Take some pics of your new goodies and let's see them!

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely surprise ♥ You have a good man there! :)
    Love the pics, esp the last one of the snow....perfect for this time of year!

  9. Awww, that is the sweetest thing ever! :)Lovely, happy post. And brilliant new Christmassy layout. :) xx


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