5 November 2011

How I maintain my red hair

Today I have decided to write about how I maintain my super red hair. I've had red hair for almost a year now, and I've learnt a few tips and tricks along the way that I'd like to share with you guys. Here we go!

Tip nr. 1: Do not wash your hair more than every second or third day if you can

I was addicted to washing my hair before I dyed it red. I could wash my hair every day. That's NOT a good idea when your hair is full of a unatural color like red. So I tried to cut down on the washing to every second day, and by now my hair is getting used to only being washed every third or fourth day. My personal record is not washing it for 5 days, and my hair felt GREAT, no kidding. I actually felt like my hair said "I love you!!". When your hair goes greasy or feels a bit eww hide it in a bandana or wear a hat, it's getting close to winter anyway.

Tip nr. 2: Keep a bottle/jar of Manic Panic/crazy color etc in your shower

I mix my conditioner with some crazy color or Manic Panic when I wash my hair. The color will refresh your color a bit when you shower, which is good because the red color will strip to some extent when your hair is getting washed. My hair stays vibrant red for longer when I do this and you won't have to color your hair that often.

Tip nr. 3: Find a good shampoo and conditioner for colored hair

I use L'Oreal Color Protect shampoo and Original Sources peppermint tea tree oil conditioner. I am very satisfied with both, but you need to find the shampoo/conditioner that works for you. Try a few different brands and see which one your hair loves the most. Do NOT use Head and Shoulders....it strips the color like crazy!! You don't want that, right?

Tip nr. 4: Be nice with your hair

Eat healthy, drink enough water, don't comb your hair when it's wet, try to let it dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer, use a heat protection spray if you use flat irons, curling irons etc, give your hair a day off from products like hair spray, gel, wax etc every once in a while. A good treatment for either colored or dry hair is good too. The color will stay longer in healthy (non bleached) hair! My hair was super bleached before I dyed it red for the first time, and the bleached hair is slowly growing out leaving my roots all nice and natural. I've noticed that the color stays in for longer on my natural hair, but my bleached ends fade very quickly.

Tip nr. 5: Try to dye your hair no more than once a month

I try my very best to dye my hair once every month and not more often. No dye is good for the hair, so I try to leave it for a month or sometimes more in between dyes. It's up to me really, I can always hide the aweful roots by wearing a hat/bandana, but sometimes I can't resist and just have to re-dye it... not good. But no more than once a month (note to self...).

And here's a photo of me with my lovely red hair. And angry face.

This is what I do for my hair. As I mentioned, you need to find out what works for you, but hopefully this gave you some tips and ideas on how to stay red hot rockabilly!! If you have any other questions, leave me a comment or visit my Facebook page. You can also find me on Twitter.

Have a great weekend people, and stay tuned.... another video tutorial is about to be made! ;)

Miss K.


  1. All good tips! I used to have bright red hair and I washed my hair far too much so it faded very quickly, plus I was a real gym bunny at the time and my sweat would run pink... classy! I have to bleach my hair to get it super red. That said, having recently cropped my hair, I am very tempted to go red again. Jealous of your lovely red locks!

  2. Bra tips for alle egentlig ;) Spesielt at man ikkje ska vask håret for ofte!

  3. Totally agree! being a faux red for 15 years the best thing you can do is not wash it! I wash mine twice a week max and it keeps the colour in so much longer and its not good to wash your hair lots anyway as it strips the hair of natural oils :)

  4. Hi Miss K - so you re-apply Manic Panic in the shower sometimes?

    1 - does the colour get on your skin?
    2 - does that mean that Manic Panic works on darker roots?
    3 - do you ever have to bleach your hair out and re-apply your colour?

    *love* your blog!

    shannon ganshorn

  5. Hello Shannon!

    1. No the colour doesn't get on my skin since it's only in my hair for a few minutes, but when I dyed my hair with Manic Panic it stained my neck and ears like hell, and also kept on staining for days. That's why I don't dye my full hair with MP, just use it as a refresher.
    2. My roots are blonde so MP works fine for me, but I do think that you need to bleach your hair to some extent (if your hair is dark) to get those bright colours MP can give you.
    3. I don't bleach my hair anylonger, since my hair is already naturally blonde. I just try to grow out the bleached hair so the red colour I use will stay longer on my natural hair.

    Thanks for loving my blog, my blog loves you too! :)

  6. What I see here! It can't be true. Hygiene is a Base and a Must. Even for the price of faster fading colour!!! And where did all glamour go...or was it ever there...

  7. Nice article and a really nice picture - the best way of looking angry pretty:)

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  9. what do you orginally dye your hair with?

  10. what do you orginally dye your hair with?


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