2 June 2011

It happened again

I accidently spent money on shopping again. I swear, it just happened.

I went to city centre today to meet a friend, but she never showed up (if I had been a bit more clever I would have checked my FB before I left, she did send me a message saying she couldn't make it). I decided to go looking for a small bag, since I don't have any. It's so unnecessary to drag with you a huge bag just for your phone and credit card, especially now when it's summer (at least here in Belfast) and you almost melt carrying around your enormous bag. I found a bag, but I also found new shoes, bracelets, hair bows and some underwear. I swear, it just happened!

The shoes are L-O-V-E-L-Y but they will probably kill me! To prevent that from happening I am now sitting in my living room with them on, just to make sure I can handle leaving the house with them. Clever, right?
I am a strong believer of that a girl can never have too many hair bows! I got 6 new bows today and they are very summer-ish and cute, I love them! Here's the bracelets and the bag too:

Earlier today I went to the oh so lovely Vintage Rocks to get my hair done for the last time, I am moving back to Norway very soon! I've always said that Clare is lovely, and she topped it all of today by giving me the hair colour for free as a farewell gift. I can't even describe how much I
appreciate it, I'm gonna miss Vintage Rocks, Clare and the VR girls so much!! If you press this photo you'll be sent to their cool website!

My hair is again red hot rockabilly, which is needed for a little something something which I can't tell yet! Stay tuned to find out!

Shoes, bracelets and green bows from Peacocks
White+purple and white+pink bows and bag from Dunnes
Amazing hair by Caroline at Vintage Rocks


  1. De skoa var bare utrolig søte! De er det lov å bruke penger på! :)

  2. Love love LOVE the new hair colour!

  3. Annemarie: ja syns det var lov :)
    LaraG: Thanks!


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