16 July 2010

Strawberry Cupcake Day

That's at least how I feel today! After a few days with lots of sunlight and a wash or two, my dye is blonder than ever. I am not complaining, at all. As I did my hair routine thingy this morning, I decided to finish it off with a red bandana. When I tied the knot, and made a little bow I realized that I looked like. A strawberry cupcake.

I've never been a girly girl, and I started wearing make up when I was about 15/16, not 12 (!) like girls nowadays do (It actually freaks me out when I see my pupils with their glittery eye shadow and huge eye lashes, not to mention their attempt to have a cleavage!!). Anyway, after I discovered the pin up/rockabilly style, I "had" to wear more make up like black cat eye liner etc, and I love doing it every day.

But seeing myself with all this girly stuff, it feels good. Especially when random people compliments me for my hair or my style. And I must admit, I've had my period in life with no self esteem, so it's good to feel better about myself.

With these wise words of the day, I will go out and do my final preparations for my Ireland trip (that will be getting Euros and a new cardigan).

As the strawberry cupcake I am!



  1. Yum yum those cupcakes look delicious! And the cherry cupcakes on the sidebar too!
    Have a great trip to Ireland :)

  2. Hehehe yes they do look yummy! And thanks, I'm super excited!!



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