12 September 2015

Kat von D's "High Voltage" eye primer

Hi all!

Long time, no blogging! I've probably lost a few followers over the last couple of months, and what can I say.. I am sorry. I tried getting back to it, I tried deleting my blog, I tried getting back to it etc etc. I couldn't get myself to actually delete the blog and everything, since I've worked so hard for it, but it felt so wrong to keep it up when I'm so bad at updating it.

I will try again! 

I think I've mentioned it in previous blog posts, but I'm struggling. I'm not going to write much about it, but it's been and it still is very difficult. 

Anywaaaay! I went to Seattle, WA, this Summer! I think I will write a blog post on that trip another day, it was such a fun trip and I got to experience a lot of cool stuff. And I got to spend a lot of money... on stuff like makeup, which brings me to the point of this blog post. 

I finally got my hands on some Kat von D makeup. I've wanted to try her makeup for ages, but it's too expensive to ship to Norway. Lucky for me, there's a Sephora

right in downtown Seattle. I bought three eyeliners (since I am pretty much addicted to eyeliner) and the High Voltage eye primer. I haven't tried the eyeliners yet, and therefore I won't blog about them just yet, since I like to try stuff for a week or two before I share my opinion about it. 

However, the eye primer! Whoa, I could write a book! 

Usually when I wear liquid eyeliner, it will smudge during the day and I end up with the double eyeliner. Not nice! I've used a primer from Tony Moly, which is good, but not as good as the High Voltage primer. The first thing I noticed that you need just the tiniest blob of primer, and it'll be enough for both eyelids. Half the half size of a pea is plenty enough. Just be careful that you don't use too much, since it's kinda thick and you really don't need a lot! 

Literally how much you need

 It has a neutral color to it, which will hide any veins or whatever you might have on your eyelids/eye area. I like to set the primer with a translucent powder, just because I don't like the sticky feeling primers give my eyelids. After the powder, I apply eyeshadow and eyeliner like I normally do and I go on with my day. 

Some days I leave the house at 8 in the morning, and I'm not home until 17-18 in the afternoon, and by this time my eyeliner is usually a bit smudged. After I started using the High Voltage primer, I haven't had any smudging at all! My eye makeup literally looks like it did when I left the house in the morning, which really surprises me. I've even done quite a lot of mountain hiking (with makeup) just to test how it will act when I'm out in the sun sweating, and again, my eyeliner is dead on perfect. 

The primer (0.40 oz) costs $15, which is not bad considering how good it is plus it will last you forever (at least in my opinion!). The packaging is really cool as well, like all of Kat von D's makeup. I really regret not buying more, but hey, I might go back to Seattle again one day. 

Have you tried any of Kat's makeup? If yes, what would you recommend? 

As always

23 June 2015

Finally... Summer holiday!


Finally, work and uni is DONE! At least for now. Two months of relaxation, yes please. 

In just two days I am off to Northern Ireland. I am very excited and I can't wait to be back in my old "hometown" of Belfast. I am going over there to volunteer for the Tall Ships Races in July, but since I need to attend some training first, I need to go earlier. I'm staying with my Irish parents, and I am so happy about the fact that I'm going to live in a house, not a hotel. 

I don't know much about my volunteer role yet, I just know that I'm on the liaison officer team. I will find out soon enough, and I'm sure it will be a great experience. Let's just hope for some nice weather.. You know what they say; "I love summer in Ireland. It's my favourite day of the year!"

Well, besides me being all excited for my upcoming trip to Belfast, I celebrated my 26th birthday this Sunday. I was blessed with a horrible headache, so it was a looong day.. But still! I celebrated with my parents, and we went for dinner and had cake at home in the afternoon. In the evening I went for a sick bike ride in the forest, resulting in bruised knees and thighs, and I discovered that my bike got damaged during the plane ride the day before. So now I am missing my bike, since it had to be repaired. I am not bike-smart enough to fix it myself (yet), so I left her with the professionals. The good thing is that I will have her back when I get home from N. Ireland, meaning I can keep preparing myself for the bike race. 

I got some sweet bike clothes from my Mum and a Garmin bike GPS (geeky), and beautiful flowers and a sweet card from my Dad. I also got these new cool sunnies! I have a pair of leopard sunnies, and SO MANY people ask me where I got them. I keep disappointing them by saying I got them at H&M about 5 years ago, and I've never seen them since in any store. Mine also broke, and I've been glueing them together just because I love them so much. However... I found these in a sports shop, and they are from VANS! That means it's probably easier for other people to get a pair as well :) Happy days. 

New sunnies from VANS:

Old sunnies from H&M:


I know I've been talking a lot about biking lately, but it's just so much fun. It really makes me happy, and it makes me feel ubersporty and fit. 

I also know that I've been talking less about rockabilly related stuff. And I'm sorry! I am still happy with my rockabilly style, it's just that I never get time to do reviews and take nice pictures. I am so swamped with uni and work stuff, and whenever I have time off, I work out. I just want to reach my goal with this whole weight loss/fitness stuff, so it's taking a lot of my time. However, I try to compensate with some more diary/personal related posts every now and then, I am happy to see that still many people follow my posts. 

I will leave it for now, but I promise to post from my stay in Belfast! 

As always

30 May 2015

Making a lifestyle change - and living with it

Hi all! 

Today I wanted to share some thoughts I've had lately. As you all know, I try to work out and lose weight, and I've been doing this for a while now. However.. 

Lately I've experienced that a lot of people have some sort of issue with a) my food choices, b) the amount of working out that I do and c) understanding why I do this. 

I don't mean this in a bad way at all, but over the last few days a lot of people have commented on these topics. At work we have a Friday lunch, usually consisting of pasta salads, bread, cakes and sometimes ice cream. It's a treat after a long work week, and I think it's a really nice thing to do. However, when you're desperately trying to lose weight and eat healthy, cakes and white bread are not really what you should eat. So I don't. I bring my own food (which I've done since my first day at school when I was six. I always bring my own food), and that way I know exactly what I'm eating and I can stick to my food plan. This is something people often comment on, asking me if I don't like their food or if I'm not eating at all (uhm, I eat all the time). 

I try to explain that I've been overweight and I am trying to give myself a better life. It's really that easy, I just want a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. That's enough reason for me to stick to my plan and avoiding bad food. Don't get me wrong, I eat bread and cakes if I want to. I eat chocolate, I drink soda. I eat ice cream. I give myself cheat days or cheat meals. But the thing is, you can't cheat every day. So if I've had some chocolate that day, I can't keep going with the cakes and ice cream at lunch time. 


a) It's not because I don't like your food. It's because I need to stick to my plan to achieve my goal. It's a goal I've wanted since I was a teenager, but I started working towards this goal as an adult when I realised I had to do something. I'm going to get there! I eat normal, but healthy food. 

When it comes to my work out routines. Well. I used to be the laziest person alive. I could sleep till 1 in the afternoon on my days off, and getting out of bed for uni and work was a struggle at times. When I was younger, I avoided all forms of physical activity. I hated it. And that's how I got fat. That simple.  

A few years ago, I was tired of being fat and hating myself, so I joined the gym. I've learned to love working out, and I've learned to love being active. I go to the gym every single day, and if I don't go there, well, then I bike outdoors. It's almost Summer time, and I look forward to lots of sunny days with biking. I appreciate the opportunities the area around me gives me. I've never been a outdoorsy person, but I am kind of becoming one. It just feels great, and it makes me really happy. 

How can you not be happy when this is just 30-40 mins from your house?


b) I work out because I like it, because it makes me feel good and it makes me happy. I bike a lot because it makes me happy. Not because I feel like I have to. Plus, working out gives me energy! What's wrong in doing what makes you happy?

The last thing is the "why are you doing this, you look great the way you are"-thing. Well, thank you. Loving yourself for who you are is perfectly fine, and it should be that way. However, when you have had body issues most of your life, it's not easy to see what other people see. I still see myself as a fat person, and I don't see what other people see. I just don't, and that takes time to change. I can see that I am smaller than I used to, but it's taken me a long time to realise this. 

I know that I am not the biggest person on this planet. I also know that there's still too much weight on my body, and I still have a very damaged ankle that doesn't need the extra kilos. I can help myself to be in less pain on a daily basis by losing weight. 

My answer is: 

c) I do this.. well. Again, it makes me happy. I do it for my health. Super. Simple. 

It's been a drastic lifestyle change for me, but it was a good change. I need to stay focused to keep my new lifestyle, and I know in the long run it will all be worth it. It's something that makes me very happy and energetic, and that's just all good. 

As always

23 May 2015

Better times

Hi all! 

It's finally Saturday, and I have some time off to get my shit together and write a new blog post! Today I want to share some photos and tell you about my latest shenanigans. 

May 17th was Norway day, and I went home to my parents as I usually do! I had a nice celebration with my parents, my brother and his wife, and my Grandma + two aunties from Denmark. 

I play in two marching bands on Norway day. Here I am in the middle with the red cap! 

Here's me ready for the second parade with the piccolo flute

I always end up in pain after marching all day long, especially with my broken ankle.. So this is how I survived the rest of the day! 

I also spent some time with my Dad at his house! His garden is really amazing, and he even built it himself. 
My favourite part of the garden! Dad also built these stairs himself. Just keep in mind, the man is turning 82 this year! 

At the top of the stairs, we have this view 

And it's a nice place to take funny selfies! 

I went home to my place again the day after Norway day. It's getting close to my exams now, and on Wednesday I have the hardest exam! I can't wait to get it over and done with. It's such a stupid subject as well, so I look forward to just forget about it. I also have a written Norwegian exam to hand in in June, but my teacher was really pleased with my first draft and he said that I was basically done! I love it when I do things right, haha. I am not worried about that exam at all :) 

When I try to study for exams, I have to leave my house. If I stay at home, I just wanna clean or do something totally not exam-related instead. This year I moved all my books into my office. It looks like a sweet mess, but I get my studying done! With loads of iced coffee of course. 
Office mess. 

While we're talking about my office.. I never applied for this job, it just happened. I registered as a substitute teacher, but they needed a teacher with specific subjects and I had those subjects. So I got offered a job for the 2014/2015 school year. It turned out to be a super awesome job, and I love spending time at work. I hoped to continue with my pupils next school year, but since this was a temporary position I wasn't really sure what would happen. But! Yesterday, they said that I could continue after the Summer holiday! I am so happy. 

In addition to keeping my main job for another year, I got a new extra job. I do homework help (is that a word?) with one pupil two days a week, and now I have more responsibility for this pupil. Unfortunately, I can't tell more (due to professional confidentiality), but I feel very honoured and it will be a new challenge for me! 

Despite all the shit I've been through over the last year and a half. I've worked so hard to get through with my uni work and everything else, and for once I actually believe that I deserve this. Good things happen to good people! 

To wrap up this "what I've been up to lately"-post, I want to talk a bit about my new obsession.... biking! 

I've been pretty into working out over the last couple of years now, and I decided to take it to a new level by getting a mountain bike and as you know, I've signed up for a bike race in August. I've been biking quite a lot lately, and it's SO MUCH FUN! Sometimes I just go on my own, but I also bike with my friend from the university/gym. He used to be my maths teacher, and now we're great friends! 

The village you see is where I live! 


Of course, a bike selfie... 

I love that I get to see so many pretty places. Some of the places are new to me, even though I've lived here for 7-ish years. I would never walk to these places, so it's really great to have a bike so I can get there easier! And there's so many awesome places where to can ride really fast! Again... so much fun!! I could do it all day long! It's also great exercise, and I've lost more weight now since I started biking. 

My bike and the super pretty mountains

Another magical moment

And this one...!! 

And some lovely hills to climb.. phew! 

Alright, enough for today! 

Tonight's it the annual embarrassing moment (also known as Eurovision), and I think I might make pizza and watch it. It's just so damn stupid, for some reason I just have to watch it. To make it funnier, I read other people's tweets during the show. I might tweet myself if it's too much Eurovision-ness to handle on my own! Follow me @RockabillyMissK , and we can have a laugh ;) 

Just before I leave you guys.. I've written a small piece for Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine, so stay tuned to see what I've written about! 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being there! 

As always


29 March 2015

Easter holiday


Finally!! Holiday time! 

The last week at work was extremely stressful, but so much fun. The school I work in have their own version of the Eurovision song contest each year. Every class prepare their entry, they write their own songs, make their own dance and they make all the costumes themselves. It's really impressive to see what they come up with, so creative!

One of the classes chose the theme "the 50's" and I offered to help the girls with hair and makeup. I styled 8-9 girls, and they looked so cute! It was fun to hang out with the girls and do their hair and makeup, and it was nice to see how excited they were about their looks. 

The teachers also have their entry. My group got the theme glam rock, and this is how we looked... 

Just beautiful. That's me on the left in case you were wondering! 

After this week we were all exhausted, and we had the Friday off. I spent the day fixing my bike, cleaning the house and doing all the laundry. Just everyday stuff I didn't have time to do during the Eurovision week. 

Now it's Easter break for the kids, and also for me. I guess I should be studying, but... I need this week off. I am going home to my parents, and it will be nice to enjoy Dad's dinners and just hang out doing nothing. This will be my last week of lazyness before I fully start with my training for the bike race. We're talking the gym twice a day and weekly bike rides. I am excited and I can't wait to lose some more weight ;) 

Another cool thing that happened, is that I got accepted as a volunteer for the Tall Ships Races in Belfast in July! So I am coming over for a week or so in July. I am staying with my Irish parents, since hotels are way to expensive at that time of the year. I am happy that they had room for me, it will be fun to live in a "home" again. I miss my Belfast house sometimes, it was such a cute wee house! 

Alright, this was just a quick update. I wish everyone a happy Easter! 

As always